Covid-19 in Itaewon

BBC - 코로나19: ‘이태원 집단 감염, 용인 확진자 외 다른 연결고리 있을 듯’

I saw negative point of view of netizens about this. I understand 100%. But I also look at it like this.

Someone who went to the club had a problem, but considering why this happened. It seems to be the result of the government’s belief in people. Because it is not make sense between opening entertainment facilities and distance between people. It never seems ideal. In other words, it may be a problem that would not have occurred sufficiently if the entertainment facilities had not been opened.

However, this is a controversial issue and I don’t want to think about it. There is a problem in many ways to insist on not only one of the economics and the prevention, but it seems to be a very difficult topic, such as the situation of chicken or egg first. So I don’t want to specify this as a problem for anyone else. Because, of course, people do mistakes.

The important thing based on this is how to resolve it in the future. Everyone knows that the current virus problem is not resolve soon. In that way, when looking at the opening of entertainment establishments and consequently group infections, the government had predicted this to happen before turning to livelihood prevention. And in the face of such problems, it seems like they are trying to solve economies and livelihood at the same time. It appears to be an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. If this is successful, you can successfully carry out life prevention and boast abroad as another success story.

I am currently living in Singapore. And the moment the government gave the people a lot of freedom, such as opening a school, suddenly there was an increase in the number of confirmed patients. Even now, I am watching the announcement of the government through Whatsapp to see how many confirmers are created. The number of confirmed patients decreased and increased every day. The problem is after this situation occurs. That’s why I’m interested in how the government is trying to catch the current issue, and I don’t want to focus much on human error.